Who We Are

Annual Report 2022

Soil & Water Conservation Districts are legal subdivisions of state government. Governed by a Board of Commissioners, such districts are responsible for carrying out state laws and programs within district boundaries. These include:

• Sediment Control Law
• Conservation Cost Share
• Conservation Revolving Loan Funds
• Water Quality Protection Projects
• Resource Enhancement And Protection (REAP)
• Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)
• Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP)
• Conservation Compliance
• Wetland Reserve Program
• Conservation Planning

Why were Conservation Districts created?

SWCDs were developed in the 1930s to protect the nation's soil and water resources as a response to the dust bowl. They serve the public by executing natural resource management programs at the local level. The sustainability of strong and vibrant communities is dependent on the state of our natural resources. Giving rural and urban residents the tools they need to turn this

into this

is just one example of the many ways the Sioux County SWCD benefits the land and people of Sioux County, Iowa.