Awards Program

An Annual Awards Banquet and Program is held in August to recognize landowners who have done outstanding work in soil conservation, windbreak establishment, and wildlife habitat development. Students who win at the Region 1 and State Poster Contest competition receive their certificates and cash prizes at the awards banquet as well.
Conservation Teacher of the Year

Dennis Benson, Unity Christian High School

Dennis Benson, Unity Christian High School, is the county recipient of the Conservation Teacher of the Year Award.  Mr. Benson was the Voc Ag teacher at Maple Valley Anthon Otto for 35 years.  Two years ago he started the Voc Ag program at Unity Christian High School in Orange City.  Mr. Benson teaches units on soil science, air quality, integrated pest management, and natural resources.  His students compete in soil judging, envirothon, nursery/landscaping, and floriculture contests.  He takes students on summer trips which focus on different agricultural and natural resources that occur throughout the country.  At both schools he built a greenhouse and high tunnel greenhouse.  In both schools, students were in charge of growing, transplanting, watering, weeding, general maintenance, composting, and selling the product to the local community.

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